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Sunday April 18th 2004
through Saturday April 24th 2004

Friday April.16.2004
Come to a FREE screening of the award-winning film: BLUE VINYL ďA toxic comedy for the whole family!Ē

Meet the director - JUDITH HELFAND

When: Friday April 16th , 7:00pm
Where: UB Center for the Arts Screening Room

With humor, chutzpah, and a piece of vinyl siding firmly in hand, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Judith Helfand and co-director Daniel B. Gold travel to Americaís vinyl manufacturing capital and beyond in search of the truth about vinyl (a.k.a. PVC plastic). Along the way, learn how much our reliance on vinyl could be costing communities, workers, children, our health and the environment. Itís a journey you canít afford to miss!

The topic of vinyl/PVC is one of special concern to WNY citizens, because of CertainTeedís attempts to site a PVC fabrication plant on the Lake Erie waterfront in Buffalo. Blue Vinyl reveals the impact of PVC production on an impoverished, African American Louisiana community, home to CertainTeed.

** Excellence in Cinematography Award **
2002 Sundance Film Festival

** 2002 Environmental Messenger of the Year Award **
Environmental Grantmakers Association

"Scary and hilarious!"
Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

The film and talk are sponsored by the UB Green Office, Citizensí Environmental Coalition, and the New York Public Interest Research Group, and are co-sponsored by Buffalo Audubon Society, CEPA, Citizen Action of New York, Coalition for Economic Justice, Eastside Pride, Green Party of Erie County, Great Lakes United, Learning Sustainability Campaign, Niagara Heritage Partnership, Riverside Salem UCC, Sierra Club/Niagara Group, The Social Justice Committee of St. Joseph University Church, Surf Buffalo, UB Art Department, UB Environmental Network, West Side Community Asthma Project, WNY Council on Occupational Safety and Health, and WNY Peace Center.

For more information, see: or call Citizensí Environmental Coalition at 716-885-6848.

Sunday April.18.2004
Outdoor Peace & Poetry Performance

where: Delaware Park - Corner of Parkside Ave and the 198 expressway.
when: 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Featuring the music of Joni Russ and open mic Poets for Peace and other freeform fun.

Directions: Head south on Parkside from the Buffalo Zoo for several blocks and make a right turn into the parking lot just before you get to the 198 expressway.

Monday April.19.2004
LASC: Plan Colombia Video & Discussion

where: Deamen College
when: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Latin American Solidarity Committee
with Daemen College Pre-Law Club &
Deamen College History and Government Club

April 2004 Video Forum

Screening and Discussion of Acclaimed Documentary

Plan Colombia

20 Years of "drug wars" equals a 100% increase in the cocaine imported into the U.S. What are the drug wars really about?

Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure tries to answer the question. Interviews with Noam Chomsky, Senator Paul Wellstone, Columbian Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, members of U.S. congress and more.

Discussion to be led by William Predmore, prof of Latin American History

7:30 to 9:30 PM, Monday, April 19, 2004

Daemen College - 4380 Main St. - Amherst
Alumni Lounge - Wicks Center
Parking next to Wicks Center

Lasc is a task force of the WNY Peace Center

FAF: Lobbying Day

where: Buffalo to Albany and Back
when: All day trip

    Friends of the Ancient Forrests and other eco-friends are heading to Albany for Environmental Advocates' Earth Day Lobbying Day on April 19th. Please join with us. We've gotten the Zoar Valley issue on the agenda at the noontime Rally, and Albert and I are scheduled to speak on the Capitol steps to the crowd of hundreds about Zoar.

    The morning events include talks by the State Senate and Assembly Environmental Chairs and leaders of environmental groups around the state, and sessions on how to lobby effectively. After the Rally we're scheduled to meet with elected representatives to lobby support to have Zoar designated into the State Nature and Historical Preserve Trust. The legislature hasn't put a property in the preserve trust since '93, coincidentally the same year then-Senator Pataki co-sponsored a bill (that passed) calling for increased protection of the state's biodiversity and continued placement in the land trust of unique and irreplaceable lands. We believe it's long past time for them to act on this generally, and specifically to give Zoar Valley the highest level of protection they can.

    As if all this excitement isn't enough, after the days' events wind down around 3:00, we're heading over to DEC headquarters for another loud and passionate but peaceful protest on their steps. And we may just have something special up our sleeves for them and the media.

    Please pass the word along, and join us and others from around WNY to bring the Zoar issue and other important issues in our area where they need to be heard, considered and acted on! What's that line I heard from President Bartlett on West Wing not long ago -- "Decisions get made by people who show up." (What, he's not the real President? It's T. V.??)

Julie Broyles ~ Friends of the Ancient Forest

Tuesday, April.20.2004
Protest Against the Warmonger-in-Chief in Person

As many of you know, President Bush will be in WNY next Tuesday. We will be there to greet him.

What -- Bush Protest
When -- Tuesday, April 20 8:30 AM Sharp!
Where -- Symphony Circle near Kleinhans Music Hall

If you want to speak out against President Bush's disastrous policies, be there on Tuesday morning!

Enter the area through either Richmond Ave. or North Street. Come early to avoid parking hassles.

If you can help make phone calls, signs, or banners, call the Peace Center at 894-2013.

for recorded information call the Buffalo A.N.S.W.E.R. phone: (716)604-9515

Friday April.23.2004
Uncovered Video Screening

where: El Buen Amigo - 114 Elmwood Ave in Buffalo
when: 7pm and The Center for American Progress in association with Artists United present a Robert Greenwald Film Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War. "Uncovered is must see viewing for anyone who cares about the most important questions facing our country. Fascinating, provocative, and sure to be controversial, this film will get your blood boiling and your feet moving to take action." Arianna Huffington, political commentator author of Pigs at the Trough

    This controversial and arresting film takes you behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon and foreign service experts speak out, many for the first time, detailing the lies, misstatements and exaggerations that served as the reasons to fight a "preemptive" war that wasn't necessary. The war with Iraq brought about unparalleled resistance, both in the streets and in the chambers of government. This documentary offers an in-depth look at the unsettling distortion of intelligence and the "spin and hype" presented to the American people, the Congress and the press. Fighting wars to bring about regime change is in breach of international law. Yet, throughout the fall of 2002, and into the weeks preceding the war in Iraq, the Bush administration systematically distorted intelligence evidence and misled the public in order to turn opinion in favor of "regime change" in Iraq.

    The film will present interviews with more than 20 experts, all of whom have informed opinions about the reasons we were given for war and the evidence presented to support those reasons. Some supported the war itself but are deeply concerned about the way information was misused. All believe it is their duty to speak up.

    Among those interviewed are former Ambassador Joe Wilson, weapons inspectors Scott Ritter and David Albright, anti-terrorism expert Rand Beers, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, former CIA operative Robert Baer and the Washington editor of The Nation, David Corn.

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